Charlie Spalding Moves Up…

Long time TM Racing customer, TM UK friend and of course rider, Charlie Spalding, ends his youth career and moves up to adult ranks in 2020.
Charlie had this to say after his final youth round this past weekend…
“Well that’s my final season in youth 125 and what a season it has been. I got off to a bit of a shaky start this year having bad starts and struggling to make passes. I started to pull my finger out getting better results on track but still not getting the starts I needed. I started to push harder and harder finishing 3rd and 2nd consistently. Round 8 and I had my first DNF as my hydraulic clutch went and I had nothing at the lever. It took me to round 9 of the championship to finally manage to get decent starts where I have been leading out the gate and to the first corner and leading the 125s for a few laps as well. It came down to round 12, the final round, all I had to do was get three finishes and I would have second overall in the championship, I wrapped up second overall by the time I finished the second race but I wanted more, I pushed hard in the first few corners and managed to pass a 125 with a move I didn’t think I would manage to stick but I did and I then ran first in the 125s for a few laps and finished 2nd in the last race. By far the highlight to my season is passing 250s around the outside with no ruts or lines just putting the hammer down”
Thank you for all your help and support this year it means a lot to me.
Kind regards, Charlie.
Well done to Charlie and all his supporters, especially his father, Justin. Well done all.