Danny McCanney – 2019 British Enduro Champion.

Video: British Enduro Championship – Natterjack – Day 1.

Photo Album – Natterjack.

Danny McCanney and his TM Racing EN 300 2S-ES machine take the 2019 British Enduro Championship title in fine style.

With two days of competition to complete the ‘ Natterjack’ Enduro certainly threw up some difficulties for many over the course of the weekend. Saturday was relatively plain sailing for most, but the terrain was made worse by heavy rains on Saturday night. This witnessed Sunday’s ‘reverse’ layout to prove to be incredibly tough, with some deep standing water over many areas of the course.

Danny got off to a steady start on Saturday, but once in his groove he soon picked up the pace to set fastest times on all but the very first test, in some cases by considerable margins. Have a relatively ‘stress free’ day, the win was taken and the 2019 British Enduro Championship title was in the bag for Danny and TM Racing. Sunday was a much more difficult affair, the heavy rain overnight combined with the course and tests running in the opposite direction made it very hard, a small fall in the first test cost Danny a little but still set the fastest time. A big crash in a very boggy section of the 2nd test saw Danny lose 27 seconds to his nearest rival, from this point on it was ‘head down’ and push. Coming into the check before the 4th test, it was evident that DannyΒ  had suffered a big impact on the going, completely destroying his rear chain guide and wedging it by the front sprocket!, with no ‘service’ at the check he had to do the test with the bike as it was, hoping the chain did not derail.Β  A huge effort to sort the damage and replace the chain guide at the next service saw Danny back on track and making time back up in the subsequent tests. With two tests remaining he was still just shy of 4 seconds in arrears, the penultimate test saw him pull time back to give himself a lead of just over 2 seconds, it was still very tight. In the very final test of the event Danny pushed hard, so hard that he set a time that was over 20 seconds clear of his nearest rival!, this gave Danny and his TM another day victory.

Also competing on Saturday (due to other race commitments) was fellow TM rider, Josh Gotts. Josh and his TM Racing EN 300 2S-ES machine set some good times early doors, but a big crash over the railway line section saw josh hit the ground hard. Completing the test and limping back to serviceΒ  there was some damage to repair to both the bike and Josh, however, Josh pushed on for the rest of the day and made back some valuable time to take a well earned 3rd in the E3 class, 8th overall for the day.

A massive well done to Danny, after a good Saturday, having already taken the title, Sunday should of been a relaxed affair. However, the tough conditions and the crash / impact damage made it hard work, but the determination to win never relented and the result came, a ‘great show’ and great results. A huge well done to Josh too, a very big off, on a very tricky section of the test (where others also crashed and suffered injuries – we wish them well) saw Josh put in a big effort whilst in discomfort to end the day and pull some back, an incredible effort put in.

A huge ‘thank you’ to all involved, Danny, Josh, the techs’, the families, the supporters and all who help.

Thank you, TM UK.

Picture courtesy of Vision Media.