MX Nationals – Rd 1 – Sherwood

A weekend of ups and downs for many competitors at round 1 of the 2019 MX Nationals series, held at Sherwood Motopark this past weekend.

The ‘mixed’ surface circuit, along with it’s copious amount of pebbles and stones, kept the entrants on their toes this weekend, giving a fair share of incidents and accidents along the way. With some riders unfortunately sidelined with injury, it was a depleted team for this event, leaving Troy Willerton on his MX 250 ES-2S machine to fly the TM Racing flag in the Expert MX2 class.

As qualifying began it was easy to tell that Troy and this new machine were working well together, looking fast and smooth Troy ended the session in 4th place.

As the gate dropped for the first of the scheduled 4 races, Troy and the TM launched from the gate and headed the charge early doors. Running in the top group for the first few laps a small fall, on the loose surface, subsequently put him back down the order. Troy worked hard to pull himself back into 5th place only to drop pace in the last couple of laps, falling to 7th place with a puncture.

Race two was a similar affair, another decent start put him in the leading  pack, a little work to do, but the pace was very good and ground was being made rapidly. Sadly, once again whilst pushing hard a small fall cost him, a quick remount and another charge put him into the 10th place as the flag dropped.

Sunday’s race schedule was run under the threat of high winds and rain, luckily the 3rd race ran in time and the riders only had some drizzle to contend with. A tidy start once again saw Troy in the higher placings, working hard to make ground Troy battled on for the duration in the worsening conditions to finish in 8th place.

The final race of the weekend was run under fairly heavy rain and it did not go to plan sadly. A great start saw Troy running inside the top 4 and pushing on, battling hard with his opponents at the sharp end Troy looked quick and comfortable several laps into the race. Then he disappeared in the back section. A stone had lodged in the chain, locking the real wheel solid and throwing Troy from the bike, both went cartwheeling down the circuit. On his feet and trying to continue once again, Troy could not get the bike to move, the stone was still stuck and just stalled the engine. Troy tried to get going but with a clutch lever at a right angle and then seeing what appeared to be coolant escaping from a possibly damaged radiator it was game over. Troy’s father had to remove the stone to even move the machine, once freed the bike was ridden back to the pits looking a bit sorry for itself, as did Troy.

A tough weekend for many with various incidents throughout the field of riders, so much so, that the points scoring was rather up mixed. Even with a DNF Troy ended the weekend in 11th place overall and luckily avoided any injury.

A big well done to Troy, the TM 250 ES-2S and Troy are getting along incredibly well, this new machine is very impressive and certainly turned heads over the weekend. Well done to all the Team, family and friends. And finally, a big thank you to all of the sponsors and supporters.


Thank you, TM UK.