SMR End Season On A High.

Words by Keith Needham, owner of SM Racing (SMR) and father of the twins, Alex and Jamie Needham.

“Acerbis Nationals final Rd6 Culham: Despite lower class numbers the top ten were all in attendance and as expected the pace was infernal, outside of the top 3 the rest of the positions were closely fought all weekend, Jamie’s start device popped of as the gate dropped for race 1 as he nearly looped out, only his long legs saving him and the riders either side of him, separated by only 8 points in the championship my request was they got 3 solid finishes to protect there championship positions & the last 2 races was up to them… as long as there was no contact between them either!.
The final championship positions were Jamie finishing 8th overall with Alex 9th. At the start of the season I’d hoped for a top ten for both boys as they are amongst the 4 youngest riders in the class, we had some amazing races & battled with guys who have been on the podium, so all that said it’s a good start and as they get older & stronger on the 250cc machines, I’d like to think we can podium overall in the future.
For the event itself Alex went 9-9-10-12-8 for 8th overall, with Jamie going 13-7-8-11-10 for 10th overall.
Thanks to everyone who’s supported us in 2021, it’s been a difficult year, my own surgery nightmare in June nearly stopped us competing & made it hard for me to prep bikes and drive the distances required to travel to the events, but we made every round for our 5th championship season. Now a month of British MTB & then a temporary change of capacity whilst we wait for new bikes.”