Whitby ‘White Out’

Round 4 of the 2019 British Masters took place this weekend at the legendary Whitby MX Track, nestled on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors overlooking the famous coastal town.

After a torrential downpour and thunderstorm, shortly after arriving on Friday and with more forecast, it was going to be a mixed weekend. However, it was not the rain showers that caused problems per-say, the track surface was slippery at times, but the soil coped with that more than adequately and the riders adapted to the ever-changing conditions as well as they could. The the dense mist, that was no doubt created by the increased humidity that was ever apparent, rolled into the track after qualifying on Saturday and reduced visibility so greatly that the day had to be abandoned. Sunday started with clear blue skies, but once again the mist could be seen heading towards us and by 10am its presence was clear. Luckily, some groups managed to get 2 races completed before the organisers had to make the difficult decision to abandon the meeting, putting out the red flag in the dying stages of the second ‘pro’ race.

In the 125cc class it was once again Troy Willerton and Chuck Davies, on there TM Racing MX 125 2S machines, competing in the hugely competitive field in an extremely challenging environment. Chuck looked comfortable in the ‘scrambling’ conditions and took the pole with Troy setting the 3rd fastest time.

Race one saw Troy take the lead early doors after making a great start, however being ‘first’ also has its downsides on days like these and on the slippery surface and pushing to make the break, Troy slipped off. Soon remounting, he was now in the thick of the pack with some serious work to do, whilst Chuck settled into a good rhythm into the leading group and was on pace. As the race wound down Chuck struggled with breathing problems in the damp and extremely humid conditions, pushing as hard as he could Chuck ended his race in a well earned 5th position, Troy was slightly in arrears, goggle-less in 6th place.

Race 2 saw Chuck make a great start and take the lead, with Troy soon following, making it a TM 1-2 for the first few laps. Troy then passed Chuck and tried to make a break but it was not to be, with his goggles once again gone, Troy began to lose time allowing Chuck and another competitor to pass. Some great little battles unfolded between both riders and their competitors but the conditions were not great, ‘survival’ became the name of the game and both riders settled into a comfortable pace in the dying stages that allowed them take hard earned finishes. Chuck took 2nd, battling for the race win and gave himself a well deserved 3rd overall for the event. Troy ended in 3rd place for an ‘unconfirmed’ 5th overall.

As we head into Rd5 this weekend at Hawkstone Park the championship is wide open with a handful of points covering the top 4 positions.

Well done to the riders, tech’s, families and friends and a big thank you to all of the team sponsors.

Thank you, TM UK.