BZERK: Adjustable Suspension Linkages – Models 2015>




BZERK: Adjustable Suspension Linkage – Models 2015>

  • ‘Standard’ replacement version for all MX/EN TM Racing models 2015>. Designated Choice =Β  ‘MX’
  • ‘Extreme’ version with a solid bottom protection plate for all MX/EN TM Racing model 2015>. Designated Choice =Β  ‘Enduro’

Machined from billet aluminium, this suspension linkage component replaces the original ‘tie-rod’ on all adult machines.

Featuring 4 pairs of inserts which will allow you to customise the ride height of your machine simply and effectively, it is as easy as removing two bolts and replacing a part, a much more simplified and multi-adjustable option, totally eliminating the previous processes of altering shock lengths –Β  a complex and expensive process that will reduce the shock absorbers effectiveness and has no further adjustment.

The selection of adjustable inserts allow multiple mounting options, stock height and 2 x 3 (6) positioning options where 1mm adjustment will equate to a 7mm rider-height change . This version, designated as the ‘Enduro’ version, also features a ‘solid’ bottom to give additional strength and protect the bottom of the shock absorbed / linkage from impact damage. Comes with 2 x needle roller bearings so you can fit and use immediately.




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