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'Running-In' Your New Machine

‘Running in’ or the ‘break-in procudure’ of any new engine is the most single important procedure of new vehicle ownership.

This most crucial procedure must be completed and adhered to, this will then ensure your engine operates at its very best and for the greatest longevity.  All ‘run-in’ procedures, ‘first-run’, oil and fueling and all associated parts of the ‘running-in’ procedures can be found in the User Manuals. Please refer to the Oils, Fuels, Priming of Fi (Two-Stroke Fuel Injection) systems section of this website and your TM Racing user manual before your first run / ride to ensure your new TM Moto machine is prepared correctly for use.

There are complete sections within your TM Moto user manual on the procedures required that cover the ‘first operation’ of your TM Moto 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke machine. The method applied is to firstly fully prepare your machine for its initial run by checking engine fluid levels, checking that all of the operating controls are functioning correctly and that all settings / checks and procedures relating to the fuel / oil of your machine are correct. 

Note: Please be aware to find a venue for your first ride and subsequently required ‘run-in’ time rides, that has suitable conditions to allow a new engine to break-in. A deep sand track, an incredible wet / muddy track and long road sections are not locations to ‘run-in’ your new bike, the stresses on your new engine will be too great as this early stage of operation, likewise please be aware to accommodate for extremely cold temperatures / wind chill factors.  Also make sure you have the necessary tools and oils (and an oil filter for 4-Strokes) required to do the first oil change after the initial run-in period.

Secondly, once you are ready to ride and are suitably attired you may start the machine, allow the machine to warm up on the stand as described in the ‘starting procedures’ in the TM User Advice section of this website. Once the machine has warmed sufficiently it is time for your first ride, allow the engine sufficient time to warm thoroughly whilst riding and ensure the run-in period required is adhered to fully. Allow the engine to run freely without stress, using the gears and keeping the rpm’s and throttle input smooth, avoid high rpm’s and extreme engine loading at this point. 

NOTE: The application of correct procedures and the duration of the running in process must be adhered to, ‘running-in’ is a large and important part of new vehicle ownership. TM UK recommend an oil change after the first two hours use. 

After the first gentle ride is it advisable to check the machine over thoroughly, checking all fluid levels, all component and fixings, the wheels, spokes, brake disc fixings and final drive components before returning to the track for second ride. 

For the second ride, again allow the engine to warm before riding, please ensure their is no more than 50% throttle input during the first 1 hour of use.  During subsequent rides once avoiding excess loading and high rpm’s, allow the engine to work using the gearbox and again keep the rpm’s and throttle input used to sensible levels for 20-30 minute sessions at a time. Ensure no over-revving on 2-Strokes and no engine rpm limiting (‘hitting the limiter’) on the 4-Strokes. 

Once you have achieved 5 hours run-time the engine can begin to release its potential and you can gradually increase the throttle input and rpm’s. For subsequent rides steadily increase the rpm’s and the workable load on the machine, the responsiveness and the willingness of the engine to rev more freely will be felt as the run time elapses. After 5 hours of running the engine break-in procedure should be complete and the engine will be operating near optimum and the change in performance and willingness of the engine to perform should be noticeable. Prior to any competitive use a final ‘run-in’ oil and filter change is advisable to remove any further particles that may have been deposited into the oil circulation system, also we advise you to thoroughly check your TM Moto machine following the basic maintenance guide on the TM User Advice section of this website.

NOTE: The Electric-Starting system fitted to your TM Racing / TM Moto machine is designed for starting the engine in it’s ‘unloaded’ state with the gearbox set in the ‘neutral’ position. It is not designed to withstand the continuously ‘variable’ clutch loadings of the engine trying to be started whilst ‘in gear’. Changes in engine temperatures that will affect the expansion rates of the clutch plates, alongside wear and possible degrading of clutch ‘control’ from over-use causing fluid performance loss from excess heat / poor maintenance that can affect operation, all contribute to increasing the friction (‘drag’) and therefore the stress on the electric-starter system, past its intended design limits. Using the starter in this way could cause excessive and premature wear or even failure of the components and it not advised nor ‘covered’ in any warranty.   

For any more information you may require please refer to your user manual or your local TM Moto dealer. The dealer list can be found on the home page. 

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