Used by the TM Racing Factory and mulitple World-Stage Enduro, MX and Supermoto teams.

'Marea' : 2020

H2O Rain Jacket

Be Covered – Be Transparent!

'Marea' : Water Green / Grey / White

Disc Cover

Carbon Effect Plastic. Multiple Colour Inserts. Mounting Kit for Make & Model Available Separately.

Jupiter Grip

'Marea' : Navy Blue / Sky Blue / Red

Mantis Rear Tail-Light & Plate Holder

LED Stop / Tail Unit & License Plate Illumination. Available In Black or White with Lens Options.

'Marea' : Flo Green / Black / Grey

Vector 'Carbon' Handguard

Light, Strong & Flexibly Mounted Universal Fit Handguard. Multiple Colour Insert Options.

'Cubic' Bike Stand

'Marea' : White / Red / Navy Blue

Exhaust Wash Bung

Moulded Rubber Exhaust Insert. Tapered To Fit a 40mm Maximum Diameter. Colour Options Available

'Marea' : Yellow / Blue / Red

P4 Handguard

'Marea' : Black / Yellow / White

Jupiter Grip

Bi-component, Bi-coloured, 120mm Length Grip. Thermoplastic Rubber. Various Designs & Colours. 

Fenix 'Carbon' Handguard

Universal Carbon Effect for Street / Supermotard. Mounting Kit Available for Straight & Tapered Handlebars.

Cubic Stand Carpet

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