TM Moto: ZF Dual Sprockets



ZF Dual Sprockets produced and ‘machined marked’ for TM Racing

ZF dual sprockets are among the highest quality and most technically advanced sprockets in the world.

The secret is based on the combination of the durability of steel and the lightness of Duralumin. The central aluminum alloy is characterized by enormous strength and tightness of structure, with a tensile strength approximately 11 times that of pure aluminum. Duralumin almost reaches the strength of steel but with a lower weight once this higher resistance ‘curing’ has been implemented.

The tooth base of the steel outer sprocket is machined and shaped to guarantee optimal self-cleaning. These cuts in the toothed structure ensure that the dirt can not attach between the teeth, reducing the wear rate of both the chain and the sprocket. The durability of the ZF-Dual sprockets is about three times longer than pure aluminum sprockets and 50% lighter than steel sprockets.

Available in tooth counts sizes from 46-52 for all TM Moto adult machines.

TM Part No’ 70291.

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