TM Racing 2-Stroke Stator / Generator Units



TM Racing genuine stator/generators.

Complete 2-Stroke stators/generators for TM Racing 2-Stroke model consisting of stator plate and flywheel assembly or individual parts, please note that the 2011 onward generator set (TM Part No’ 15230) also includes a built-in lighting generator for Enduro / Road machines.

Listed below are also the separate ACG Enduro lighting coils, there are two options available, complete coil and rotor set or the coils on their own for all 2-strke models including electric start variants.

TM Part No’ 15230 Generator Complete with Rotor. This item is the latest type unit with ACG output for powering TMEES / Lighting System on EN models  (replaces part No’ 15200)

TM Part No’ 15100 Lighting coil Rotor

TM Part No’ 15102 Lighting coil only


2019> ES / Fi 2S Models: Stator Windings and Rotor sold as separate parts.

TM Part No’ F15551 – Stator. Kokusan YS 9022

TM Part No’ F15551.01 – Stator. Kokusan YS 9022 KOK/AMP

TM Pat No’ F15551.02 – Stator. Kokusan YS 9022 KOK/SUMI

TM Part No’ 15247 – Rotor ES model with toothed ring gear

TM Part No 15255 – Complete Stator/Rotor Assembly for ES models

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