TM Racing Spark Plugs



TM Racing Spark Plugs.

NGK spark plugs for all TM Racing machines.

The spark plugs listed are genuine NGK manufactured parts. They are not inferior copies labelled as NGK that are available to purchase unknowingly on the internet. Please be aware of these imitations spark plugs, they are not produced to the same exacting standards as the NGK original spark plugs and could lead to expensive failures.

TM Part No’: 06036  – NKG: BKR8 EIX

TM Part No’: 06010  –  NGK:  BR8 EG

TM Part No’: 06011   –  NGK: BR9 EG

TM Part No’: 06012  –  NGK: BR10 EG

TM Part No’: 06028  –  NGK: BR9 ECMIX

TM Part No’: F06101  –  NGK: CR8 E

TM Part No’:  F06105  –  NKG: CR9 EIX

TM Part No’: F06116  –  NGK: R0451B-8

TM Part No’: F06107  –  NGK: R0045J-10

NGK : R7376-9 – Special Electrode, High-Performance Iridium Racing Spark Plug – Suited to MX 125cc / 144cc Machines.



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