AXP Extreme HDPE 8mm Skid Plates. 2022>. 2T 250 /300 2-Stroke Models



AXP Extreme HDPE 8mm Skid Plates for TM Racing 2022>, 2T 250cc/300cc 2-stroke models.

AXP Extreme skid plates come with an integrated linkage guard and wrap around the frames to cover all the way back to the foot pegs.

The only skid plate on the market made of 8mm thick HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). HDPE plastic is 30 to 40% lighter than aluminium, more resistant than an expensive carbon fiber, and, will allow to slide over rocks or any obstacles. AXP racing products are tested and used in competition by pro teams and riders all over the world !.

Part No’ AXP1624