SAM Racing Parts: Spark Plug Protection Guard For 2-Strokes. 2008>2021


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SAM Racing Parts: Spark Plug Protection Guard For 2-Strokes.

A small but ingenious addition, pioneered by TM UK over a decade ago in our inclement climate!, that covers the ‘open’ area where the chassis rails run from downward the headstock main spar, above the exhaust pipe exit.

This ‘open’ area can allow excess mud and water, that is projected from the rotating front wheel, to accumulate around the engines cylinder head and spark plug. This accumulation of mud and water not only encases the cylinder creating heat, but also could lead to electrical short or miss-fire from a saturated spark plug / plug cap. The protection guard deflects this possible ingress of mud and water form the front wheel, therefore keeping your cylinder head cleaner and reducing the chance of bad running or plug failure.

Machined from nylon the guard is strong and durable and can be mounted by zip-ties only – around the chassis rails – and/or the top mounting hole can be used as a secure screw fixing if you drill & tap the chassis’ main centre spar – using caution.

Can be used on all aluminum chassis’ 2-stroke models 2008>2021