TM Racing Carbon Fibre Airboot Insert 2015>2021


1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)


TM Racing Carbon Fibre Airboot Insert.

The TM Racing Carbon Fibre Airboot Insert is designed to add rigidity to the flexible airboot between the airbox and the carburettor.

Shaped to the exact contours of the airboot itself, this carbon insert increases rigidity to ensure that when maximum engine loading is being applied, alongside higher temperatures that may ‘soften’ the rubber, the airboot does not deform under vacuum and actually reduce the volume of air available to the carburettor. The carbon insert will therefore allow the engine to produce greater performance under the largest loads, maximising available power.

To fit the carbon insert the airbox / airboot assembly will have to be removed from the sub-frame and disassembled. Fitting the carbon insert into the airboot will require patience and care due to the fine and intricate construction of the carbon fibre insert. Importantly, the airboot will have to be re-sealed to the air-filter mounting plate, therefore you must ensure you clean all mating faces and remove any existing sealant before the refitting and re-assembly procedure can begin.

Please note that after fitting the carbon insert that carburettor removal / refitting will be more complex as the flexibility of the airboot – that previously aided removal / refitting – will be reduced. Do not ‘force’ fit the carburettor as you may damage the carbon insert. It is advised that to remove / refit the carburettor the sub-frame should be loosened and lifted slightly to give greater clearance.

Fits 125cc / 144cc / 250cc / 300cc carburettor models from 2015>2021  ( all models with the 66022.15 airboot )

TM Part No’ 55104