SAM Racing Parts: Spoke Protection Ring


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SAM Racing Parts: Spoke Protection Ring.

A simple, yet ingenious solution to help reduce the problems associated with a dislodged drive chain coming inboard of the wheel, a problem that can cause severe damage to the rear wheel spokes, wheel hub, and in worst cases, the engine castings / engine internals if the chain becomes jammed around the front sprocket due to the instant ‘slack’ in the drive chain itself. This nylon machined ring simply fits behind the rear drive sprocket and is held in place by light friction, utilising the tapering of the spokes alongside the tapered machining of protection ring, designed to ensure that the protection ring sits snug and secure between the sprocket and spokes.

A ‘must have’ part for Enduro / Extreme type competition, where damage to the rear chain-guide can easily force a drive chain to derail causing damage, to not only the rear wheel but also possibly the engine casings, ending your event and ensuring a costly repair bill. The derailed drive chain will simply drop onto the protection ring and rotate around it, allowing the lack of forward drive to be noticed by the rider, hopefully before any significant damage occurs. Without the protection ring, this type of derailment of the drive chain would have severely damaged many of the spokes instantly. As used by the TM Racing Factory Teams.