BZERK: TM Racing Seat Brace (2015>2021 4-stroke)


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1 in stock


BZERK seat support available for TM Racing 4-Stroke machines (250Fi/300Fi/450Fi/530Fi) models from 2015-2021.

This seat support bracket rivets to the original plastic seat base (seat cover removed first) to strengthen and support the seat, to reduce ‘compression’ of the seat itself and the resulting ‘widening’ of the seat on the corner areas. The 4-stroke variant does not feature a ‘centre’ support like the 2-stroke version, this unnecessary with the 4-stroke bike design and the air intake at the front of the chassis as the airbox is the ‘support’.

The BZERK seat support has been designed to reduce the flex in the seat base under certain loads, loads that can deform the shape and structure of the seat. The deformation of the seat base that can allow the sides of the seat to be exposed from the confines of the body panels. This exposure occurs where the radiator panel and side number panel area meet and the aesthetic angle is changed on the seat itself to mirror the contours of the bodywork – the seat ‘widens’ under deformation, thus causing snagging and damage to seat covers in the ‘corner’ area by boots tops and knee braces.

This seat support bracket is made from aluminium and comes with rivets for fitting. This simple yet effective part will reduce unwanted flex and deformation helping to keep your seat covers looking better, for longer.

See the images of the BZERK seat support to understand how it works.