SAM Racing Parts: Starter Button Aluminium Housing – Black


1 in stock (can be backordered)

1 in stock (can be backordered)



SAM Racing Parts: Starter Button Aluminium Housing – Replaces OEM ‘Circuit Equipment’ handguard rear fixing back bracket.

This aluminum attachment for (Circuit) handguards has the purpose of incorporating the ignition start button, benefiting the rider in starting the bike. The product allows you to fix the handguards with screws and at the same time to incorporate the power button by bringing it close to the rider’s hand, allowing easy, comfortable and safe access. In fact, in the original configuration (standard), the start button is located very far from the position of the hand on the handlebar and forces the rider to remove his hand from it. Compatible with all Motorcycles with open hand guards

To fit the internal part of the stock start button can be removed from it’s plastic casing (remove protective rubber first) and the button assembly can then be fitted inside the SAM Racing Parts aluminium housing and the protective rubber refitted.

SAM Part No’ 428 (black)